Saturday, April 30, 2016

Aries New Moon conjunct Retrograde Mercury

The New Moon this month will be on Friday, May 6th, @ 22 deg Aries. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month of Vaishaka, named for the nakshatra Vishakha, although this year the Full Moon will fall in the next nakshatra, Anuradha. This month is normally a good month for beginning new projects. However, since the lord of the month, Mars, ruler of Aries, is Retrograde, starting new projects is not recommended. Also:
The New Moon will be conjunct Retrograde Mercury (only 4 degrees away), indicating that the energy of the month is contaminated by being born while conjunct a "backwards" planet of making rational decisions.
This lunar month embodies the energy of Retrograde Mars. Not only is the month born in the sign of Mars; the Full Moon will be exactly conjunct Retrograde Mars, on May 21st, @ 7 deg Scorpio. Therefore, the energy of the lunar month is totally involved with and expressing the energy of Retrograde Mars. The general rule in Vedic Astrology is that natural malefics, such as Mars, are more capable of doing harm when retrograde. The energy of Pressure,Tension, Frustration, and potential for Violence, is strong for the next four weeks.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Venus enters Aries, Mercury begins Retrograde period

Venus enters Aries on Monday, April 25th. The planet of Romance, Agreement, Guidance, Finance, etc., will be in the Proactive sign of the Ram for the next three weeks, until May 19th. Aries is not a favored sign for Venus because it is a sign of Mars, and therefore more inclined to use force to get what it wants, which is contrary to Venus's naturally more gentle approach. Therefore Venus in Aries brings out more of the negative qualities of Venus, such as selfishness, self-indulgence, vanity, jealousy, etc.
Mercury begins a Retrograde Period on Thursday, April 28th. Mercury is Stationary this week, at the very end of Aries, 29 degrees. The planet of Rational Thinking, Making Decisions, Communications, etc., will be "backwards" in the zodiac for the next three weeks, until May 22nd.
The usual Mercury Retrograde precautions apply: expect Delays, Misunderstandings, Equipment Malfunction, Mistakes in Transactions, etc. This Mercury Retrograde period is likely to be worse than usual due to Mars, Mercury's dispositor (ruler of Aries), also being Retrograde, which will compound the damage to Mercury. The involvement of Retrograde Mars brings the potential for more Tension and Stress, which can explode. Example: reacting with Anger to a Misunderstanding.
There will be 4 retrograde planets in the zodiac for two weeks. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all retrograde simultaneously. With so much backwards energy in the Heavens, this is not a good time to begin anything of importance. Ongoing projects will encounter delays and obstruction. The number of retrograde planets will reduce to 3, when Jupiter ends its retrograde period on May 9th.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mars Retrograde Begins

Mars is retrograde from April 17 to June 30. The retrograde period begins in the middle of Scorpio (nearly 15 deg) and ends @ 29 deg Libra. When a planet is retrograde, its progress in the zodiac is being "held back," and its astrological significations do not operate normally. Thus, the planet of Action, Initiative, Getting Fast Results, etc., is in difficulty, which can bring out the worst qualities of Mars: Irritation, Anger, Violence, Destruction. The difficulties for Mars are further enhanced by the presence of Saturn, the enemy of Mars, which is also retrograde, and which by being close by further restricts Mars.
Both Mars and Saturn are "natural malefics," i.e., have the quality of being capable of doing harm. The rule in Vedic Astrology is that when natural malefics are retrograde, their ability to do harm is increased. Therefore, two natural malefics, both retrograde, in the same sector of the zodiac, for an extended period of time, is especially portentous for adverse events. (More details in this video) In our own lives, we have to be careful of situations where Circumstances (Saturn) hold back our Action (Mars) resulting in Tension, Pressure, & Frustration, which can then lead us to "blow," causing unhappy results.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Mars Stationary This Week

Mars is about to go Retrograde, on Sunday, April 17th. Before it does so, Mars will be Stationary, i.e., appearing not to move, for several days. Stationary planets are very powerful. Mars is stationary @ 14 deg (almost 15 deg) Scorpio, it's own sign. A planet in the middle of a fixed sign is also extra strong (technical term: Mars is Vargottama in the navamsa ). Therefore, the planet of Action, Attack, Impatience, Destruction, etc., is very powerful this week. However, Mars is being held back by Saturn, the planet of Restriction, which is also retrograde, barely 6 degrees away from Mars. The result is a "pressure cooker" effect, which can give rise to Sudden, Explosive events. Saturn's restrictive quality can also Focus the energy of Mars, making for very deliberate, pointed Action.
Mars gets additional power when the Sun enters Aries, on Wednesday, April 13th. The Sun is exalted in Aries, the other sign ruled by Mars. Therefore the energy of the Sun will be transferred to Mars, contributing even more power to Mars, and making the planet of Action, War, etc. super strong.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

New Moon in Pisces: Chaitra New Moon

The April New Moon will be on Thursday, Apr 7, @ 24 deg Pisces. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month of Chaitra, named for Chitra the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon. Except that this year, the full Moon will fall in the following nakshatra, Swati. The energy of the month takes on the qualities of the full Moon's lunar sign. Swati is associated with The Wind, therefore a lot of Movement, and Unstable.
The New Moon is conjunct Uranus. Any planet conjunct the New Moon also lends its energy pattern to the month. Uranus is the planet of Freedom, Rebellion, and Unusual Unexpected Events. Therefore, we can expect some surprises in the coming 4 weeks.
The Chaitra New Moon is the Vedic New Year. There are a number of "New Years" in the Hindu calendar, used for various purposes. The Chaitra New Year is used to determine Mundane Events for the coming year, i.e., events connected with nations, leaders, trade, global interactions, etc. Since this lunation is conjunct Uranus, the coming 12 months will be noted for Rebellion, and will be full of Unusual and Disruptive events.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Venus Enters Pisces; Mercury Enters Aries

Venus changes signs, entering Pisces, on Thursday, March 31. Venus is considered Exalted in Pisces, therefore the best of Venus will be on display for the next few weeks. Venus is the planet of Love; Pisces is Romantic. Venus is the planet of Harmony; Pisces is Sympathetic. Venus is the planet of Pleasures; Pisces can be Extravagant. There are no direct malefic influences on Venus, so this should be an agreeable transit. Venus is in Pisces until April 24.
Mercury changes signs, entering Aries, on Saturday, April 2. The planet of Rational Thinking in the sign of Independence and Creativity makes for a lot of Innovative Thinking. Mercury likes Variety; Aries is happy to take on new adventures. This can give birth to New Ideas, Fast-moving events, as well as Reckless Thinking. Usually Mercury moves through a sign in three weeks or less. But due to going through a retrograde period starting at the end of April, Mercury will remain in Aries until June 8.
Mercury is conjunct Uranus this week. Before leaving Pisces, Mercury must encounter Uranus, the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. The exact conjunction is on Thursday, March 31, @ 25 deg Pisces. This combination can result in Inspired Thinking, Unusual News Story, or an Emergency. Since Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, the outcome may not be favorable. Simultaneously Venus, the planet of Guidance, is changing signs. Therefore this is not the best week for making an important decision.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Full Moon -Lunar Eclipse, Saturn T-Square, Saturn Retrograde

The Full Moon will be on Tuesday, March 22, @ 9 deg Virgo. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu Lunar Month Falguna, named for Uttara Phalguni, the nakshatra of the Full Moon. Normally this is a good month for Healing, Helping Others, and Benefiting from In-laws. But the energy of this month got compromised due to the total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon. So we can't expect too much.
The Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses signal forthcoming Changes, which can be spread out over the coming weeks and months. This is an Annular Eclipse, i.e., the shadow of the Earth does not fully cover the disc of the Moon; therefore, not as dramatic as a total eclipse.
The Full Moon / Eclipse will be directly opposite Mercury. A planet that gets involved with an eclipse gives some clue about what sorts of effects the eclipse will have. In this case, we can expect forthcoming changes to Mercury's significations, such as The Media, Communications, Information, Explanations, etc.
Venus is exactly opposite Jupiter on Friday, March 25. The planet of Romance, Harmony, and Agreement, will be at 22 deg Aquarius, while the planet of Wisdom, Optimism, & Increase will be @ 22 deg Leo. Normally this is a good pattern, but in this case, there is a third planet involved:
Saturn will form an exact T-square with Venus-Jupiter. Since Saturn is at 22 deg. Scorpio, it is exactly at the midpoint between the two benefic planets, and therefore interfering with the exchange of energy. The potential for Agreement, Harmony, Expansion, etc. gets blocked by the planet of Harsh Reality.
Saturn begins its retrograde period on March 25. The planet of Structure, Responsibility, Limitation, Time & Delay, etc., will appear to go backwards in the zodiac for the next 4 -1/2 months, until August 13. The retrograde period increases the significations of Saturn, resulting in more Delays, Burdens, Harsh Circumstances, etc. Since Saturn is together with Mars, planet of Conflict, the potential for Malefic Effects is increased in this sector of the zodiac during the coming months.