Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mercury Enters Leo

On Tuesday, July 26, Mercury enters Leo. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Ideas and Reasons, will be in the sign of Leaders & Government for the next three weeks, until August 19. While transiting into Leo, Mercury has to pass through the Gandant Degrees, the borderline between a Water sign (Cancer) and a Fire Sign (Leo). When a planet is Gandant, it is severely weakened. Therefore Monday -Wednesday are Not good days for Making Rational Decisions, Communication of Ideas, etc. Note that the Democratic Party will be having its convention on these days.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mercury Conjunct Venus, Full Moon in Capricorn, Mars Inconjunct Uranus

Mercury is exactly conjunct Venus on Saturday, July 16 @ 11 deg Cancer. The planet of Communications, Rational Thinking, Ideas & Reasons, comes together with the planet of Compromise & Agreement. This pattern will be in operation for all of this week. Just in time for the GOP and Democratic Conventions.
The Full Moon is on Tuesday, July 19, @ 3 deg Capricorn. This is the culmination of the lunar month of Ashada, generally considered favorable for starting new things which bear fruit at some point in the future. The Full Moon is not under direct malefic aspect, and is in mutual aspect to the benefic Mercury-Venus combination in the Moon's sign, Cancer.
Mars and Uranus have been in exact Inconjunct Aspect for the past week, which continues into this week. The inconjunct, or disjunct, or quincunx, is a 150 degree aspect that promotes Discord, Hostility, Struggles. This aspect is formed between two difficult planets, Mars planet of Force and Violence, and Uranus, planet of Rebellion and Sudden Events. Therefore the results are generally Not Good. Examples: the Nice Attack, Attempted Coup in Turkey. The potential for problems to arise suggests that this week is not so favorable for starting new endeavors.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Mercury Enters Cancer, Mars Returns to Scorpio

Mercury changes signs on Sunday, July 10, entering Cancer: The planet of the Rational Intellect is not happy in a water sign governed by the Emotions. Thus, rational thinking is not so favorable for the next few weeks. But Intuitive Thinking is perhaps better.
While in Cancer, Mercury will team up with Venus; the exact conjunction is on July 16th. This puts the planet of Information together with the planet of Guidance, but again, influenced by Feelings. Mercury is Communication; Venus is The Arts & Entertainment; Cancer is the sign of The Public. Mercury will be in Cancer until July 27th.
Mars returns to Scorpio on Tuesday, July 12. After spending 4 weeks in the last degrees of Libra, during which time Mars ended its retrograde period, the planet of Action now comes back to its own sign, which is good for Mars. Except that Mars again must contend with Saturn, still in Scorpio. Mars & Saturn are enemies, as well as being two first-rate malefic planets. Thus, the energy pattern in this sector of the zodiac will be rather rough. Mars is Action; Saturn is Control & Focus. This is good for Focused, Determined Action. Unfortunately, in a power-oriented sign like Scorpio, the energy can go overboard, becoming Cruel and Ruthless. Mars remains in Scorpio until September 17.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

New Moon in Gemini, Venus enters Cancer

The New Moon will be on Monday, July 4th, @ 18 deg Gemini. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar month of Ashada, named for Uttara Ashada, the nakshatra, the lunar sign, that the Full Moon falls in on July 19th. Ashada is favorable for starting new projects which will bear fruit latter on.
The New Moon is conjunct Mercury. Therefore the energy of the month is colored by Mercury. Gemini is Mercury’s sign, so this lunar month will be strong for Gemini and Mercury’s significations. Mercury is the planet of Communications, Ideas & Reasons. Gemini is the most dualistic sign of the zodiac, able to hold multiple points of view simultaneously. This energy is good for conversation, study, talk and debate, The Media, etc.

Venus enters Cancer, on Thursday, July 7th.  Venus is not totally comfortable in this sign, because its ruler, the Moon, is not a friend of Venus. Cancer is the sign of Nurturing and Motherhood; Venus is more about Romance and Pleasures. Venus in Cancer tends towards Indulgence, Selfishness, etc. Venus comes out of Combustion this week. The planet of Guidance has been invisible for the past couple of months due to being too close to the Sun. Now Venus once again can be seen, as the evening star in the West, immediately after Sunset. This is a good thing: Venus significations will recover, after having suffered some while the planet was being “burnt up” by the Sun.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mercury Enters Gemini, Uranus enters Aries, Mars goes Direct

Mercury enters Gemini on Monday, June 27. A planet in its own sign is strong for its significations.  Mercury is not under any malefic influence at this time. Therefore, Communications, Ideas & Reasons, Rational Discussion, etc., will be favorable for the next two weeks, until Mercury leaves Gemini on July 10.
Uranus enters Aries this week. After 7 years in Pisces, the planet of Freedom and Independence will change signs, and enter the Pioneer sign of the zodiac. But, before we get our hopes up, be aware that Uranus will only get 1/2 degree into Aries, when it goes Retrograde at the end of July, and then "backs into" Pisces in early September, not to return to Aries until April 2017.
Mars Retrograde Ends on June 30. After 11 weeks of the planet of Action being held back in the zodiac, Mars will go back to normal forward motion. But it is now in the last degree of Libra; not a favorable position for Mars. We have to wait until Mars returns to its own sign, Scorpio, on July 12, for the energy of the Action Planet to be really available. Therefore, frustration and unintentional consequences still prevail for a few more weeks.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Venus Enters Gemini, Mars Retrogrades Into Libra

Venus changes signs, entering Gemini on Sunday, June 12. Venus generally does well in this sign: it's the planet of Harmony and Agreement in the sign of Consensus. Furthermore, Venus is forming a Parivatana Yoga with Mercury: while Venus is in Mercury's sign Gemini, Mercury is in Venus's sign Taurus. By being in each other's signs, these two planets form this astrology pattern which encourages Relationship, Compromise, Harmony, etc. Venus will be in Gemini until July 6, when it will leave Gemini and enter Cancer.
Retrograde Mars leaves Scorpio and "backs into" Libra on Friday, June 17. Mars has been in Scorpio since February 20. A planet in its own sign is strong. Mars is coming to the end of its retrograde period, and will spend the final days in the sign of Balance and Equality. Mars the planet of Force and Conflict, is not suited to the energy of Libra, therefore Mars becomes weakened in this sign. Mars will end its retrograde period on June 29, and re-enter Scorpio on July 11.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Mercury Enters Taurus, Mercury Opposite Mars

Mercury changes signs on Tuesday, June 7, leaving Aries and entering Taurus. Mercury has been in Aries since April 2, an extra long time due to having gone through a retrograde period while in that sign. Now Mercury moves on in the zodiac, and will spend the next three weeks in the sign of the Bull, until June 26. Mercury is the planet of Ideas and Reasons; Taurus is a bit Stubborn. Thus, being attached to one's thinking.
Mercury is Opposite Mars this week. As soon as Mercury enters Taurus, it will be directly opposite Retrograde Mars, which is now in the early degrees of Scorpio. The exact opposition is on Thursday, June 9. The planet of Communications is influenced by the planet of Aggression and Combat = Argument. Mercury is also the planet of Making Decisions; Mars is Hasty and Impatient, and while retrograde, Frustrated and ready to Explode. Therefore, this is not a good time for making decisions. Be careful of locking horns with people who have different ideas this week.