Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mercury Opposite Jupiter, Venus Conjunct Uranus, Mars Conjunct Ketu, Full Moon in Leo

This week there are multiple exact aspects, as well as a Full Moon, indicating an Intense Week ahead.
Mercury is exactly opposite Jupiter on Sunday, March 1. Mercury is @ 20 deg Capricorn; Jupiter is Retrograde, @ 20 deg Cancer. The planet of Facts, Data, and Rational Thinking is being influenced by the planet of Beliefs, Philosophies, and Religion, resulting in a lot of "Spin." This planetary pattern has been manifesting all week.  Some notable examples: the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the fighting in Congress over DHS funding. The energy pattern continues to have influence in the early part of this week.
Venus is exactly conjunct Uranus on Wednesday, March 4, @ 20 deg Pisces: The planet of Harmony combines with the planet of Rebellion. Not exactly a pleasant combination. Simultaneously, Pluto will be exactly square to Uranus-Venus, and Retrograde Jupiter will be exactly trine to Uranus-Venus. This energy pattern indicates a high degree of Instability for Venus significations: Negotiations, Agreement, Values, Finances, Entertainment, Celebrities, etc., as well as the potential for Unexpected Outcomes.  Bibi Netanyahu will address Congress on the subject of Negotiations with Iran, on Tuesday March 3.
Mars is exactly conjunct Ketu on Wednesday, March 4, @ 16 deg Pisces: Another intense combination, putting together the planet of Conflict & Aggression with the planet of Past Karma, Dissolution, Chaos. This is Not Good. There could also bring about violence via Mother Nature.
The Full Moon will be on Thursday, March 5, @ 20 deg Leo: Adding more juice to everything else going on this week, there will be Full Moon energy, in the sign of Leaders & Governments. The Full Moon will be in the lunar sign Purva Phalguni, which is closely connected with the Entertainment World.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Venus Conjunct Mars, Venus Conjunct Ketu

Now that Venus is in Pisces, the planet of Love, Peace & Agreement has to deal with 3 natural malefic planets, one after the other. The faster-moving Venus will encounter first Mars, then Ketu, then Uranus.
Venus is conjunct Mars, exact today, Feb 21, @ 7 deg Pisces. The planet of Peace + the planet of Conflict, in the sign of Sympathy. Or: planet of Agreement plus planet of Action, in the sign of Faith. Venus + Mars is the two gender planets sharing the same degree, which leads to Passion, Intensity, and Argument.
Venus next encounters Ketu: The exact conjunction will be Saturday, Feb 28, @ 16 deg Pisces. The planet of Value combines with the significator of Dissolution; could be bad news for the Financial Markets. Or: planet of Relationship combines with significator of Past Karma means Pay-back time. Either way, Venus will be prone to suffer this week, due to being sandwiched between two malefics.
On Wednesday, March 4, Venus is conjunct Uranus, @ 20 deg Pisces. The planet of Love plus the planet of Sudden Events, in a sign known for Romance, creates conditions for Infatuation. Or: planet of Peace, combined with planet of Rebels, in the sign of Beliefs. Maybe something good will come out of this after all. Venus finally leaves Pisces on March 12.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Venus Enters Pisces, New Moon in Aquarius

Venus changes signs, entering Pisces, on Sunday, February 15. The planet of Love & Relationship, Guidance & Agreement, Pleasures & Finance, will be in the sign of Hope & Faith, until March 12. Normally this would be a good thing. But this time, Venus has to contend with 3 "natural malefics," Mars, Uranus, & Ketu, which are already in this sign. Therefore, the significations of Venus will suffer during the coming weeks. The cease-fire in Ukraine will fail; the Greek-E.U. negotiations will go nowhere; the stock market will go down.
Venus will be exactly conjunct Mars this week. The two planets are just a few degrees apart when Venus changes signs. Venus moves faster, and closes in on Mars this week.The two gender planets will be on top of each other on Saturday, Feb 22, @ 7 deg Pisces. The combination results in Passion, but also Anger. Even though Venus is exalted in Pisces, Mars will overpower Venus, making agreement impossible.
There's a New Moon on Wednesday, February 18, @ 5 deg Aquarius. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar month of Falguna, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, Purva Phalguni, which will be on March 5, @ 20 deg Leo. The energy of the month is conducive to dealing with Authorities, and for all kinds of Persuasion, Confronting Enemies, etc.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Mercury Retrograde Ends, Mars Enters Pisces

Mercury will end its retrograde phase on Wednesday, February 11. After being "backwards" for the past three weeks, the planet of Communication, Rational Thinking, Data & Information, returns to normal forward motion in the zodiac. Mercury "turns around" @ 7 deg Capricorn. Due to it taking a week or so to "get back up to speed," the effects of the retrograde period will linger for a while. Mercury will still be in Capricorn for another 4 weeks, until March 8.
Mars enters Pisces on Thursday, February 12. The planet of Action enters the sign of Compassion, which might be a good thing, except that Mars will join up with Uranus, planet of Rebellion & Sudden Unexpected Events, and Ketu, significator of Past Karma & Change. All three are Fiery planets; this combination is quite incendiary and has high potential for Disruption and Destruction. The energy pattern becomes more intense in March, when the three will be closely conjunct. Mars will be in Pisces until March 23.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cancer Full Moon, Venus Conjunct Neptune, Saturn Aspect Retrograde Mercury

Venus is Exactly Conjunct Neptune on Sunday, February 1, @ 12 deg Aquarius. The planet of Entertainment conjunct the planet of Entrancement, on the day of the Super Bowl. This is also the planet of Agreement combined with the planet of Doubt & Suspicion, and can also be interpreted as the planet of Value conjunct planet of Confusion. This energy pattern continues to be strong for the first part of the week. Not a good week for finding compromise, coming to agreement, or making an important purchase.
The Full Moon will be on Tuesday, February 3, @ 20 deg Cancer. Although this is the Hindu lunar month of Makka, this year the culmination of the month's energy happens in Ashlesha, a sign known for being Cunning, Sneaky, and potentially, Poisonous (the image is A Coiled Snake). The Full Moon will be closely conjunct Retrograde Jupiter, which would magnify some of the "backwards" Jupiter energy, creating undependable conditions.
Saturn is in exact aspect to Retrograde Mercury on Thursday, February 5. Saturn throws its energy to the third sign ahead of itself (60 deg, sextile aspect in Western Astrology). Mercury, moving backwards, will be exactly positioned to receive this influence this week. Since Mercury is already disadvantaged by being retrograde, the addition of the influence of the planet of Restriction, Suffering, Obligation, etc., will create more problems for the planet of Communications, Ideas, Reasoning, Business, Equipment, this week. Watch out for possible internet problems, misunderstandings, transaction mistakes, equipment breakdowns, etc.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Venus Conjunct Neptune

There are No Major Changes in the zodiac this week.
Mars is pulling away from Neptune, as Venus gets closer to Neptune, in Aquarius.
Venus will be nearly conjunct Neptune at the end of the week. The planet of Entertainment teams up with the planet of Dreams, just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. Venus is also the planet of Harmony, combining with Neptune planet of Fantasy, in the sign of Social Idealism. But Neptune has a darker side as well: Confusion, Deception, Disappointment. Mars is on the other side of Neptune, adding its energy of Impatience, Conflict, and Argument, and thus defeats any attempts at coming to Agreement.
The exact conjunction of Venus & Neptune will be on Sunday, Feb. 1, @ 12 deg Aquarius.
Mercury continues to be retrograde, in Capricorn, and opposite to Retrograde Jupiter. This combination also tends to get hopes up, but with the planet of Communications "backwards" in the zodiac, Misunderstandings are more likely.
Uranus & Ketu are still in close conjunction this week. The combination of the planet of Sudden Unexpected Changes with the eclipse point signifying Past Karma, has produced some significant changes in the past week: the Government of Yemen collapsed, and Saudi Arabia has a new king. Uranus and Ketu move very slowly, so this conjunction continues to produce surprises, and the potential for crisis, for the next several months.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mars Conjunct Neptune, New Moon in Capricorn, Mercury Begins Retrograde, Venus enters Aquarius

A lot going on in the zodiac this week:
On Monday, January 19, Mars will be exactly conjunct Neptune, @ 11 deg Aquarius. The planet of Action plus the planet of Dreams & Confusion in the sign of Social Idealism. Generally, the conjunction of Mars & Neptune has a high potential for making mistakes. Neptune is also Deception, so it can also indicate deliberate, subversive action. This energy pattern will continue to be strong all week, and could get worse on Thursday, when the Moon enters Aquarius.
Also on Monday: Uranus is exactly conjunct Ketu, @ 18 deg Pisces. The slowly forming conjunction of the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, with the significator of Past Karma, has produced plenty of Crisis & Disasters over the last few months. The energy pattern continues to create havoc, and gets worse when Mars joins in mid-February.
The New Moon will be on Tuesday, January 20, @ 6 deg Capricorn. This begins the lunar month of Makkha, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, Magha....except that this year, the Full Moon will fall in the previous nakshatra, Ashlesha. Thus, the lunar month takes on the characteristics of the sign of the snake: Cunning, Calculative, Suspicious, with a Focus on Survival.
Mercury goes Retrograde on Wednesday, January 21, @ 23 deg Capricorn. This is the first Merc Retro period of 2015. The usual precautions apply: Expect delays, Check to see that the Message got through, be ready for Misunderstandings, Equipment Failures, Mistakes in Business Transactions (Count your change!). Mercury will be retrograde while opposite retrograde Jupiter. This planetary pattern of two significant planets both "backwards" while in mutual aspect will likely compound the problems of the next three weeks. Mercury will be retrograde until February 11. 
Venus enters Aquarius on Thursday, January 22. The planet of Romance, Values, Pleasures, Entertainment, Guidance, & Agreement, enters the sign of Social Revolution and Humanitarian Action, for 3-1/2 weeks, until February 16th. While in Aquarius, Venus encounters Neptune, planet of Dreams, and Mars, planet of Aggression. The result will be more Passion for Social Idealism. That energy will be available for everyone: Democrats, Republicans, Taliban, Revolutionaries, etc.