Saturday, May 23, 2015

Retrograde Mercury Conjunct Mars, Venus Enters Cancer

Mars will be exactly conjunct Retrograde Mercury on Wednesday, May 27, @ 16 deg Taurus. Already behaving badly due to being in its retrograde phase, the planet of Speech & Communications combines this week with the planet of Combat, in the sign of Material Values. This planetary combination is prone to fiery pronouncements, denunciations, challenges, arguments, etc. Mercury the planet of Reason, "backwards," indicates being Unreasonable. Thus, Irrational Thinking, powered up by the force of Mars, means disagreements will swiftly escalate. Best to stick with people you already agree with.
Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on Saturday, May 30. The planet of Love, Harmony, Agreements, Pleasures, Finance, Guidance, etc., will be in the sign of Nurturing, Emotional Support, Sentiments, etc. for the next 5 weeks.  While in Cancer, Venus joins up with Jupiter, the planet of Increase, Optimism, Faith, Wisdom, and general Beneficence. Thus both of the main benefic planets will be in one sector of the zodiac, creating an imbalance. Venus -Jupiter combinations can be "too much of a good thing," indicating Excess: Celebration, Indulgence, Over-confidence, etc. Continues until July 4th.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mercury Begins Retrograde, New Moon in Taurus

On Monday, May 18, Mercury goes Retrograde, @ 19 deg Taurus. The planet of Rational Thinking and Communications, going "backwards" in the zodiac, is famous for producing annoyances like Delays in Communications, Misunderstandings, Equipment Malfunctions, etc. This is bad enough, but when Mercury is retrograde and simultaneously under stress from other factors, the annoyances can become dangerous. Such is the case this time: Mercury is conjunct its enemy, Mars. The planet of Aggression, Conflict, and Impatience, combined with a poorly functioning Mercury, makes this Mercury Retrograde period especially problematic. Misunderstandings and Mistakes will be compounded by combative Mars, leading to Anger, Accidents, and Willful Destruction. Therefore the next three weeks will be difficult for everyone. Best defense is to stay aware, and exercise Patience. Mercury ends its retrograde phase, and returns to normal motion in the zodiac, on June 11th.
The New Moon will be Sunday, May 17, @ 2 deg Taurus. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month of Jyeshtha, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, which will be on June 2nd. The month of Jyeshtha is considered good for Dealing with Officials, Taking on Responsibility, Giving Assistance to Elders, Dispensing Discipline. But this lunar month will be tainted by the Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars combination, and therefore is not recommended for beginning anything of importance. Furthermore, ongoing projects will likely run into problems and delays. Therefore the recommendation is to stick with familiar routine activities, and be prepared for things to go wrong.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Mars Opposite Saturn, Venus Square Rahu-Ketu

Mars will be exactly Opposite Saturn on Friday, May 15. During this week, the planet of Action and Aggression moves into position where it will be directly opposed by the planet of Control and Resistance. Saturn's propensity to put the brakes on things is enhanced due to it currently being Retrograde. This is a recipe for Tension, Stress, and Crisis. Mars is the planet of Attack; Saturn is the planet of Established Order, indicating a strong potential for threatening events, whether produced by humans or mother nature. Therefore, this week is not favorable for beginning or making progress with any important endeavor.
Venus is exactly Square to Rahu & Ketu on Saturday, May 16. This is the same as saying that Venus is at the midpoint between the two poles of the nodal axis. A planet passing through the midpoint of the nodes is under a great deal of Stress. Therefore, Venus significations of Love, Harmony, Agreement, Pleasure, Values, Finances, etc. will suffer, especially towards the end of the week.
Mercury is slowing down as it prepares to go Retrograde. Normally a fast-moving planet, Mercury is now creeping along, barely moving 2 degrees this week, prior to beginning its retrograde period on May 18. The significations of Mercury such as Communication, Daily Operations, Rational Thinking, etc., begin to run into difficulty this week, especially since its enemy, Mars, begins to draw closer.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Mars Enters Taurus, and Full Moon in Libra

Mars enters Taurus on Sunday, May 3. The planet of Action & Results in the sign of Material Worth & Value puts the emphasis on doing things that are worthwhile. Mars joins with Mercury already transiting here. Thus: planet of Aggression with planet of Communication makes for some Strong Language, especially when Challenged. And Mars will be challenged, by Saturn which is across the Heavens in Scorpio. Saturn the planet of The Established Order is retrograde, making it even more prone to Resist any of Mars's actions. The result is a lot of Tension, Anger, and potential for Violence. Mars will be exactly opposite Saturn on May 14.
The Full Moon is on Sunday, May 3, @ 19 deg Libra. This is the culmination of the energy of the Hindu lunar month Vaishaka, indicating the accomplishment of Goals. This Full Moon will be exactly Square to Jupiter, which is in the Moon's sign Cancer. This arrangement is Full of Energy, which could be extreme, but is not necessarily negative.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mercury Enters Taurus, Venus Enters Gemini

Mercury enters Taurus on Monday, April 27. The planet of Rational Thinking, Reasons, and Decisions in the materialistic Earth sign of Worth & Value is not a bad thing. By changing signs, Mercury breaks away from the influence of Mars, which is good for Mercury. Mercury will be spending an extra-long time in Taurus, because it will go through a retrograde period starting May 18. Mercury will be in Taurus for nearly three months, until July 20.
Venus enters Gemini on Saturday, May 2. The planet of Creativity, the Arts, Relationship, and Social Interaction in the Dualistic sign of Ideas & Information is good for Social Engagements, Communication, etc. But for Romance, Gemini is a flirt, and not dependable.
Venus will be in Gemini for nearly the entire month of May.
Mercury and Venus form a Parivatana Yoga: Mercury is in Venus's sign Taurus, while Venus is in Mercury's sign Gemini. By being in each other's signs, the two planets are in a compelling relationship. Since they are "friends"  in Vedic Astrology, this is good. The problem comes when Mars enters Taurus, starting May 3, which will create all sorts of Upset, especially when Mercury goes through its retrograde phase starting May 18.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Aries New Moon, Mercury Conjunct Mars

The New Moon is on Saturday, April 18, @ 4 deg Aries. This begins the lunar month of Vaishakha, considered good for Setting Forth and Achieving Goals. The New Moon is accompanied by Mars & Mercury, with Mars occupying its own sign Aries. Other planets, namely Venus in its own sign Taurus, and Jupiter in Cancer, its sign of exaltation, are also strong. Therefore this is an excellent month for Initiating New Projects.
Mercury is conjunct Mars on Wednesday, April 22, @ 22 deg Aries. The planet of Rational Thinking, Information, Communications, Speaking, The Media, etc., is hooked up with the planet of Aggression, Conflict, Impulse, and Destruction. The result is Aggressive Communication, Impulsive Speech, Twisting the Facts, Spin, etc. People are more Outspoken, Opinionated, and prone to Making Mistakes. This may be good for Fast Thinking, but it's not a good week for making important, carefully considered decisions.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Venus opposite Saturn, Mars Square Jupiter

Venus will be exactly Opposite Saturn on Wednesday, April 15. Planets in opposition to each other are considered to be in Mutual Aspect, i.e. influencing each other. The planet of Love & Romance being influenced by the planet of Harsh Reality can put the brakes on a budding affair. Example: USA and Cuba. But, Venus as a Natural Benefic, has a positive effect on Saturn the planet of The Established Order. Therefore, the Establishment wins, this week.
Mars will be exactly Square Jupiter on Friday, April 17. The planet of Action and Combat is set up for an inimical relationship with the planet of Beliefs and Wisdom. This is not a good combination for wisdom and truth. Example: Events in the Middle East.
Mercury is getting closer to Mars. Mercury entered Aries today, Saturday April 12, joining with Mars already transiting here. The planet of Rational Thinking with the planet of Combat is not a good combination for reasonableness. The planet of Speech & Writing combined with the planet of Haste & Impulse will surely produce some major gaffs. As the week progresses, the situation gets worse. The exact conjunction will be April 22.